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hat a time to be alive! One moment, you’re posting a silly meme on a message board and the next, you’re selling prints of your work to complete strangers. Of course, it all started when I received this comment for one of my Reddit /r/photoshopbattles entries:


One thing led to another and I called (what I suspected to be) his bluff by creating a mockup of the tee, set up a Redbubble account, and posted a link to purchase prints of my work. While it’s not exactly a runaway viral success, the couple of dozen shirts and prints I’ve sold have motivated me to keep (over)designing my silly internet jokes.

My Redbubble store is still pretty bare, but here’s a little preview of what’s for sale. Go on, buy something to support my art. I dare you:

Edit (27 Aug): The first shirt has been delivered!


Thank you /u/BenLaParole!

Written by oneksy