September 26, 2017 Blog, News No Comments

his is possibly the craziest thing I’ve attempted—creating a custom font for a secret little project that I’m currently working on. Before you readjust your glasses by the bridge and correct me, I know the proper term is typeface. I prefer the word font because it’s understood colloquially. And because it’s slightly less pretentious.

Some people on Reddit have started noticing my use of custom letterings in my posters. To be honest, I’m just “borrowing” heavily from hand-lettered headlines found in old pulp magazines.

Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time digitising it as an Opentype font. The kerning is all over the place and I lack the imagination to complete the glyphs (I don’t need numbers for my project, for example). For the same reason the old letterings have a hand-made charm, the open-source software I’m using (FontForge) is refusing to cooperate with me when it comes to spacing and kerning. Maybe I’m just bad at it.

If I ever figure out how to finish up the font, I’ll be offering it as a reward for my supporters here. Buy me a cup of coffee on Patreon every now and then if you’d like to support my little projects and have access to some of the design assets I’ve created. Some of the digital files I’ve shared so far include the Photoshop action for my vintage hand-painted movie posters, and an editable PSD I created for the Stranger Things neon title.

Written by oneksy