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hey its me ur brother, oneksy.


I create artwork on Reddit’s photoshop battles subreddit under another username. oneksy is a stylised phonetic spelling of the nickname given to me by other users. Let’s just say that it contains a rude word that starts with “w” and ends with “ank”.

(A stylised pseudonym—what a wanksy thing to give oneself.)

I started participating on /r/photoshopbattles in September 2015, when my photoshop abilities were limited to making clean cutouts with the pen tool and making colour adjustments. I’ve acquired quite a few skills since then by learning from other Redditors and using my daily participation as practice.

Some of my work “earned” a lot of karma and visibility, while others get lost in the constantly moving conversation threads. This website is a side project where I hope to document my favourite artwork and tutorials for some of my more technically complex techniques.

If you enjoy my work, do follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I’m available for commissioned work, but if you just want to chat I’m all ears too—shoot me an email here.

Written by oneksy