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Pulp Magazine

“oof ouch owie my adamantium bones” I’m quite pleased with how the various elements in this pulp cover gelled together. It’s got everything—paper textures, scratches, hand-painted effects, a font I designed, CMYK halftones, deliberate lo-fi printing effects… and did I mention, my own freakin’ font?! Here’s a screen recording of the design and layout of …

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Xtreme Things

Who? Eleven? never heard of her… It’s not every day I can say that I photoshopped a bunch of kids covering up a murder—and it went viral. The source image depicted 3 kids digging up their backyard for BMX stunts, but something about it—the bikes, it was just the bikes—just seemed so perfect for a …

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MUSK — SpaceX Poster

He just wants to go home…   This is yet another fake movie poster that features the hand-painted aesthetic which I’m so fond of. The source image for this Photoshop battle was the first official image of the SpaceX space suit. It’s also the first time I started adding subtle halftone textures to simulate the CMYK printing process:

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Revenge Of The Otaku

Save Me iOS, You’re My Only Hope If you’re familiar with my work on Reddit, you’ll probably be aware of the NSFW Expectations series of posters that I use to mock people who submit sexy or suggestive images to the subreddit r/PhotoshopBattles in the hope that they’ll get naughty edits. The last poster that I’m going to make …

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These Jolly Delights Have Jolly Beginnings This may not be my most popular poster, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I made this for a holiday-themed Photoshop contest on r/PhotoshopBattles, in which we were supposed to give a movie or TV show a holiday makeover. The opportunity to turn HBO’s western-themed Westworld into …

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